Monday, March 5, 2012

This Healthy Stuff Is Killing Me!


Well, I guess it just feels that way.

 And I know, I know, it's going to get better.

Why do I feel like it's killing me?  Because dear readers, I am doing a LOT of things that are wayyyyyyy outside my comfort zone. And we know from experience, when that happens, it can hurt. Am I right?

Did I mention that, recently, my husband said to me that I was an athlete? And that he was proud of me? I almost cried. See, you have to picture this: when I was growing up, I was tall, skinny, gangly, uncoordinated, and extremely shy. Not the last picked in gym -- next to last. Never did any organized sports. Never won a trophy. Never had anyone cheering for me for anything. So when he said I was an athlete, I wondered, "Holey moley! Am I? I AM!!"
                       I don't look like her, I just thought she was pretty...
Well, a couple of weeks have gone by, and I guess that "athlete" remark may have gone to my head. Because soon I was "liking" all sorts of fitness pages on facebook. And then I found myself signing up for several challenges.'s what I am doing right now.
I am in the midst of training for my first half marathon. I started this in January, but was derailed by a 2-week illness --  I'm just now beginning to regain some of my strength. I'm in Week 6 of the training, which looks like this:

Mon - 4 mi   Wed - 6 mi   Thurs - 4 mi   Sat - 11 mi

I next signed up for 100MileMarch, a challenge in which I have pledged to run 100 miles in the month of March.

I also joined a private group, which is geared toward 90 days of clean eating and exercising more. I have a personal accountability partner that I talk with every day.

And last, I just received my Shaun T Insanity and Rockin' Body dvds.
                    I don't look like him either, I just thought he looked fiiiine....          

Yep, I MUST be insane. 

As of March 4, I'm already 21 miles into the 100 miles I need to run. If I keep to my training schedule this week for the half marathon, I am well on my way and won't need to worry -- I'll easily make the 100.

It's the eating that's been hard for me. I LOVE the idea of being vegan or vegetarian -- I support it wholeheartedly. But darn it all, I just like meat so much! Before I even signed up for clean eating though, I have been making changes for myself and my husband. My goal has been to have at least 2 or more meatless meals a week, plus 2 fish nights. That leaves about 2 meat meals, and that's usually chicken. I am cooking a bigger variety of vegetables too. I've felt positive about these changes. Clean eating, though, is taking it to a different level. So far, I'm not doing too well with it, but I'm only 5 days in, so there is a lot of hope.
I'm feeling very good about everything over all even though I joke it's killing me. Yesterday I ran 10 1/2 miles (YEAH -- ONE HALF, do you know how hard a half mile is to run after you've managed 10??) I am beginning to think -- I just may live through this after all...

How's your week going? How are you feeling about YOUR goals? Drop me a message and let me know!


  1. Welp, my non-health-related goals are going quite well. Buuuuut I have yet to get to the gym.

    What's "clean eating" exactly? Is it different than just regular old eating healthy?

  2. Here's a site that gives a good definition, how to get started, and recipes...Glad to hear your goals are on-track. I had an off day with my hospital test, so I need to get my miles in!

  3. OK, reading through your blog and it is getting creepy! We are very much alike. And reading this I especially know how you feel!!! Just started running myself a year or so ago. I am not as ambitious as you and training for a big race (though I did a 5k for fun).....I run some, walk some, whatever I feel like at the moment. I have no endurance, but keep trying to build it....will never be fast....probably will never love it....but I do it. I was at the Y one day, scanning my security badge to open the door, and heard one of the guys who works there (who was training a new girl) say about me "She's a runner." Pumped me up beyond belief. I wanted to argue with him, but then I remembered that he sees me. On a regular basis. And I run. So in spite of what I think about myself, I AM A RUNNER!

  4. Kim -- welcome!! I know, I felt like you were my twin!:) I am realllllly slow too; takes me forever to get anything of any mileage done. But I do it anyway. I know how you feel about the "Y Guy" -- the last time I went to my doctor, she was listening to my heart and said, "You have that slow runner's heartbeat." I almost cried again. My heart knew I was a runner before my head did. And yes, I agree 100%-- you ARE a runner. And don't it feel GOOD! (music inserted there:)

  5. Oh, I love that Patsy. But you knew I would, didn't you twin?

  6. Do you happen to have a January birthday? :) I really think you must be my long-lost sister! Haha!